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A taste of things to come... ('mushrooming' soon)

Mark IrwinNestled at the foot of Greeba Mountain where the natural waters flow, lies Greeba Farm - home to a very specialist type of farming.

Having travelled the world to help other farms grow mushrooms for over 20 years Mark brought his passion for one of the most nutritious, versatile and natural superfoods to the Isle of Man.

We 'grow with care' and rely on the trained eye and a respect for our environment – not machines and definitely not pesticides. Our aim – to give you quality, freshness and flavour – and no nasties!

Our mushrooms are truly local, growing on the island for the island. You can rest assured that we don’t import or sell anyone else’s mushrooms under our name. Picking and delivering daily along with being so close to our market means you get the freshest possible mushroom giving maximum flavour and nutritional value (something often lost in the delays of transporting imports here).

 The fresher the mushroom the more nutrients it has

Once you've tried one of our many types of mushrooms you won't want any others – just ask our customers (oh and you can feel good about your carbon footprint too with only a handful of food miles!)  


Dates for your diary 2012

Sorry we will not be joining you at the Manx Agricultural Shows this year - we are busy with new and exciting developments at the farm!

Queenie Festival
June 29th-1st July

Southern Agricultural Show
July 28-29th
Royal Manx Agricultural Show
August 10th-11th

IOM Food and Drink Festival
September 22nd-23rd



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